Thursday, November 17, 2011

more autumnal colours

Bracken has now turned reddish orange and brown. The dearth of mushrooms continues but at least there is fly agaric around to add some colour.


DNP said...

Brilliant photograph of the fly agaric. Went for a walk yesterday along the Walkham at Grenofen. Lots of fungi in evidence there but my mycological skills (or, rather, the lack of them) did not allow any indentification. The most eye-catching was a small flat one with a purple top.

Spot said...

I think it takes a life time of serious devoted effort to know one's fungi (a bit like moths in my mind).Even when I think I know them I have to double check and the more I check the less certain it seems. If it was purple it was probably one of the umpteen species of russola.