Monday, October 31, 2011

goodbye, Cassie, old and faithful friend

Cassie was put quietly to sleep this afternoon. We shall miss her great, soft, intelligent, loyal, mischievous contribution to our lives. The muddy paws, the hoarse barking, the great lurcher skill of extremely surreptitious thieving whenever possible, the log carrying, the joy of living, soft brown eyes, the woolly waterproof coat ... everything that makes a canine friend. Much of her life since 2005 is recorded intermittently in Spot's blog who was of course her favourite son. It was a good life.


Anonymous said...

Dear Cassie,
You were such a beautiful dog. We are thinking of you all at OH this evening. Remember you recently through the lovely photo of 11th September.

From us all at Laurel Cottage

Tara said...

Oh Cassie! We had a feeling this was coming! what a sweet gal who will be so sorely missed! Thinking of the OHG at this difficult time! Give Spot a hug for us!!

Rationalist said...

So sorry, Spot. By all accounts your mum Cassie was very special.
Although I suspect that like many of us you are probably a humanist, (or perhaps dog-ist), some of your canine friends may have spiritual or religious tendencies, and your mother may come up in conversation when you exchange snuffles with them. If so, you may like to note that Christian dogs were greatly comforted when Pope John Paul II declared that "animals do possess a soul", and so “will go to heaven”. I am afraid, however, that if there is any truth in Isaiah 65:25 5 - “The wolf and the lamb will feed together, and the lion will eat straw like the ox”, Cassie in heaven may be missing those meaty chunks she was so used to. Vedic (Hindu) dogs have a more interesting time in the afterlife. Their spirit or ‘atma’ leaves the silent body and eventually floats into a newborn puppy to live life anew, carrying some of your mother’s attributes with them – both good and less good. Who knows. Anyway, keep chasing those rabbits, Spot, and good luck.