Friday, May 27, 2011

the house that martins built

you fly all the way over from Africa, you build a nest out of mud and saliva during the dryest spring in 50 years, you line it with moss and you get ready to lay eggs and then a bunch of scruffy sparrows come and commandeer your living space .... and a gang of 10 of us can't shift one miserable little sparrow. What a bunch of losers! (the little chap on the roof in the bottom photo is a very feisty sparrow, and his mate is going into the nest in the top picture)


Tara said...

Not fair! A usurped homestead!

Spot said...

what surprised me was that there were about ten martins versus two sparrows but they couldnt get their nest back, and now we have one plump self satisfied looking sparrow looking out of the martin's nest.It is also interesting that the martins acted as a group.

carletta said...

They ousted the wrens from their box yesterday here:((