Monday, March 28, 2011

periwinkles and more

periwinkle growing in a hedgerow near Lidwell 

 a lovely lemony tulip marking the site of the remains of one of our deceased dogs

 some common field speedwell making its first appearance of the year


Anonymous said...

Which dog are you referring to?

Spike is ageing fast and we are contemplating a Bio Flow collar. He has become almost completely deaf in the last couple of weeks. He's going downhill much faster than his sister.

Laurel Cott gang

Spot said...

Sophie, our little black and white springer spaniel who died in 2004. Not one of the current OHG

Spot said...

ps sorry to hear about Spike. We were only talking yesterday about how old your two Jack Russells are ... we reckon one year older than Imogen!

Tara said...

Hiw nice to be remembered in such a sweet way!