Monday, June 21, 2010

a few things we haven't seen locally 1

we are back from our holidays in the Charente region of France. As always the French country side was bursting with rare and wonderful sights. This is a lizard orchid, (himantoglossum hircinum), so named because the flowers are said (fancifully some would say) to resemble a small lizard with a long tail (the very long lower spur of their four lobed lower lip) although the close up of the flower does bear a passing resemblance to an escaping skink. And they smell like old goats, which is not dissimilar to Spot himself on a good day.



Tara said...

May be smelly, but they look very dainty!!

PS--I can't imagine dear old Spot smelling--unless he's been in the Inny!

carletta said...

Welcome home-have missed the blog-hope the dogs coped well and you had good weather.