Thursday, April 01, 2010

still only almost there

and so we wait with baited breath for things to begin to grow, and some warmth in our old bones. Last year our magnolia stellata was in full bloom by now, but it is still only at the bud stage this year. My heart sank when I heard that someone is once again predicting a hot dry summer. This will be the fourth or fifth year in a row that the same prediction has been made (Spot's entire life time has been spent in the rain it would seem); apart from the fact that we have had extremely wet summers for ages now sooner or later they are bound to get it right by chance alone. Please stop predicting hot summers. And here is a cheerful thought from James Lovelock.

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Tara said...

Wishing you a dry summer! I would take that prediction after the Spring we've had on our island...we have had the most rain ever recorded here and had more the brginning of this week. So many nieghbors have flooded basements and lost trees due to saturated soil--the pines falling over so easily. Luckily nothing here at our home! But a dry summer wuld be welcome! Right, Spot? Wouldn't you like to see one? :0)