Monday, February 15, 2010

of snowdrops and molehills

it is not only above the ground that we can see some signs of life flowing back into the cold blue veins of Winter's dead hand upon the landscape. Below the ground some small folk are becoming very active. This molehill is enormous and suggests that the builder was unimpressed by any metaphorical reference to a certain lack of ambition by moles and was single handedly setting out to change the world. In the top picture note the hairy dugong in the Inny.


Amongst The Oaks said...

"It all seemed too good to be true. Hither and thither through the meadows he rambled busily, along the hedgerows, across the copses, finding everywhere birds building, flowers budding, leaves thrusting - everything happy, and progressive, and occupied."

I believe Mole is finally digging out of his burrow.

Spot said...

I just love that book, in fact I think it is still my all time favourite, and it is one reason why I find it hard to regard moles as the pests they sometimes are.

Tara said...

Someone's busying for spring! :0)