Sunday, September 06, 2009

traveller person's wort

our first proper walk for almost 4 weeks, wading through mud, swimming, eating bur docks, and generally looning about. This little plant is gipsywort which only seems to grow in one marshy patch locally. It is a member of the mint family although it has no obvious scent (or use). The flowers in the meadow have almost gone, except for some scabious (plus hover fly),

and knapweed (plus bee, ?) although now that I look closely at the picture it could be yet another bumble bee mimic, a hoverfly called criorhina floccosa or berberina,


Anonymous said...


Glad to hear that your master is feeling fit enough to take you out again


Tara said...

Yeah! You are up and out again...eating bur docks? Actually had to google that one and see it does not grow in America at all, actually it said "only grows in the Old World"!