Friday, August 21, 2009

wall brown

He is still confined to the house, so we are unable to go on our usual long and exciting walks, and are reduced to photos of things in the garden. This restless butterfly is usually difficult to photograph because it rarely stays still for very long, but here it is warming up in the morning sun getting ready for a good day's fluttering.


Spike said...

Hope 'he' is out and about again soon.

Spike & Co

Tara said...

The best of life can be in your own backyard! Hope the healing is going well! Was interested in the hover fly...the Amish here in the US have a great way of keeoing flies away. Fill a ziploc bag with water, add some pennies to the bottom and hang near where you'd like the flies NOT to be...they truly stay away! A simple, easy solution. They say it is the reflection of the water and pennies on the fly's eyes, drives them crazy...