Saturday, August 30, 2008

bien pensees (no accents?)

On photography

I have learnt to look without seeing,
Always through glass,
Distanced, but not darkly.
Peppered by the sprinkled words of conversations unheard
Surrounded by the actors caught
Frozen in my photographs.

Always absent but there; behind, not in,
Dot and pixellated
Photon by photon
Until one drowns
In the waves of
Every moment of the moment caught,
On, not forgettable.

Oh for the light amnesia,
And warmth of memory's gentle caress,
For the organic software that does
Blur, edit or elide,
And kindly sharpens only that beyond the sight
Of photographs.


(through a glass "darkly":-The phrase is interpreted to mean that humans have an imperfect perception of reality). And dogs?


Tara said...

Do you hear me clapping from across the Atlantic!?! Welcome back, dear Spot!

What a powerful poem for your return!
I think dogs have a loving vision of the world...I know because they're always happily wagging their tails at something I need to look at again. When our Tucker is nearby and I am rushing around and I see him staring off at something and wagging...I stop what I am doing and get down to his level and look...and I "see" it for the first time. Dogs really know how to stop and smell the roses in life, particularly you!


Anonymous said...


We haven't looked for about a week and today the sun came out and we found new postings on the blog. Surely no coincidence!

And as for the black dog days, it's a bit like a dog walk when you might walk into a wooded valley - sooner or later you'll climb up into the sunshine.

Spike (having a profound moment)

Anonymous said...

Tess, never the brightest dog in Venterdon, has just twigged why the blog has the background it does. Duh!

Spike (exasperated)

spot said...

hey we only just noticed after Tess spotted it!

Anonymous said...

Might it be for the mitochondrion in me 

That my eyes do see 

My brain does dream

 Ahh calm sunsets sat eating with myriad kids 

But what if my dreams should crash 

Into an open abyss of piss, after this?

 Actually I think i'll give myself something, 

I'll derive great pleasure out of 'getting rid' 

Then enjoy what some might foolishly resist

 A life single, selfish and blissfully amiss 

And some other can donnate 

Mitochondria to my kids!