Monday, March 17, 2008

keeping up with the wistarias

our wistaria (named it would seem for an American anatomist, Caspar Wistar, hence the 'a' rather than an 'e', although everyone seems to spell it with an e enywey) is lagging behind the rest of the world (see link)


Tara said...

Taking a slow hold, I see! Here in New York we are in the same slow mode!

spot said...

but no pictures yet; obviously it is only the lucky ones on the West Coast who can show off their wisteria, but you wait until April.


Amongst The Oaks said...

Hi Spot,
I've noticed the spelling anomaly before and wondered about that.

I love that photo showing Dartmoor in the distance. I drove through there in 2006. It was so beautiful and I wanted to take off walking and never stop. Gorgeous!
Thanks, Laura