Saturday, February 23, 2008

the road to Pempwell

a typical lane with a patch of wild daffodils making a pleasing contrast with the red paint on the house in the background. Is there anywhere else in the world quite like Cornwall?l


Amongst The Oaks said...

That photo of the lane took me instantly back to Cornwall. We drove down lanes just like that and enjoyed every nerve wracking minute of it!
Your photos are gorgeous.
Hugs, Laura

andrew said...

lovely to read and se the pictoral whimsy of pastoral walks, in Australia, it is more dusty less lush and more irritating by merciless flies, but a stroll with dogs in much loved territory with a dog, whatever season, aye it doesn't get much better, My predecessors were "tom Babcocks, but chasing Herring and other "fishies " in the North sea in the bad days of "Black Friday", 1881. but your lushness and high walls brings back memories of my brief visit in 1973 (yes when young , ignorant and believing i would be back in 5 years , if only I had known. Keep up the prose, it nourishes those of us on the ether.