Friday, September 21, 2007

Kit Hill quarry

there has been very little to photograph recently and for various reasons I haven't been out as much, so I am going to trawl through my archives for photos taken at the same time of year (within a week) to keep the blog changing at least until November when it will have been up for two years. Last year at this time the woods were full of mushrooms, this year there are very few as yet. Kit Hill quarry has always provided me with a wealth of image material because of the wonderful interplay between the colours in the rocks, the wildflowers and the restless surface of the water creating natural impressionist paintings. My favourite image is of swallows dipping into the water when it is absolutely still and squeaking with ?excitement/pleasure, but I have yet to capture it to my satisfaction. Next year maybe. I like that sense that things will return in the great cycle of life even as the autumnal gloom descends.

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