Wednesday, August 08, 2007

himalayan balsam

this invasive plant is spreading along streams and river banks, but looks very pretty in the evening light.


Meg Anna H said...

Dear Spot,

I notice that you walk along rivers frequently during your travels. Can you please tell me of any nice local rivers for my Mum and her playmate Nick as thay have gone a bit mad and have bought an inflatable canoe.

Love your best friend Meg ( Im still six) xxx

P.S Mum says Im not allowed in it as I may drown.

spot said...

Are you sure your mum isn't planning to put you in the canoe and cast you adrift?

Lynher river, Tamar below Cotehele. I am sure there are web sites telling you where you can and cannot canoe

love der

Meg Anna H said...

Dear Spot,

You were right. I am in the boat with an owl and a pussycat. Our boat is green.

Hope to see you soon when I'll still be six.

Love Meg Anna H XXX